by Egide Sadey
We will regularly post some records apart from our radio shows, some we like or some we think that are totally underrated. And let start with this one, a quite unknown "12 from EGIDE SADEY including three tracks "high emotion", "ghislaine" and the irresistible dancefloor gem "funkey makossa". Egide made four 7"inches when he lived in Cameroun, the first one "nassibi", was an appearance with a pretty famous band in his country, called the Black Tigers. He finally came to live in France in the early 80's, where he confronted his african influences to occidental jazz and funk... He recorded three 12" in France which encouter an average success! So he decided to get on his own, and with the help from his family, (his father was an experienced musician) and Patrick Mani (his producer), he finally brought out "funkey makossa"... STILL FRESH!!!

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  1. déja entendu ce truc à plusieurs reprises il y a longtemps et je ne sais plus ou.(souvenirs...)
    la fraicheur du morceau!!!