African Grooves session

Exploring African music tonight, from Nigeria, Gahna, Cameroun to Zambia and Guinéa. Moving from Trinidad, Bahamas to Guadeloupe and Martinique... What a plan! As usual, eclectism is the key word: boogie funk, afro beat, jazz, highlife, kinky psychedelic rock... Express yourself !

WALLY BADAROU - one day, won't give it away
JANET N' DIAYE LOKAMBA- funky & fire
IDEKU DYNASTY - funk force leader
KASSAV' - lagué moin
MANU DIBANGO - mouna pola
MOMBASA - nomoli
FANGA - crache la douleur
MONO MONO - ema kowa
DAN BOADI AND THE Z.S. - ohyéyé wo yam
AFRICAN TEAM - el bantou
OFO - THE BLACK COMPANY - allahwakbar
WILLPOWER - people won't change
THE WITCH - strange dream
CIRYL FERGUSON - gonna build a nation
BLUE RHYTHM COMBO - tango boo gonk
OZZI HALL - take five
VIKINGS GUADELOUPE - only tears tears

Download here

3 commentaires:

  1. RESPECT!!

    thanks so much for this blog! keep the music coming. I love it. rare music is a cornerstone of my art. Vision PHILMS (photography + film) is a creative fusion of contemporary photography, vintage film, and rare music.

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  3. dear friends,

    this blog is amazing, so much luck that i found a link to it. but i cant listen or download this section. also i cant listen to the 90s trip hop playlist. are they broken?