by Dennis Wiley
This week focus on 2 French records made for jazz lessons. Dennis Wiley used to be the composer and pianist for THE PETERS SISTERS in the 50's and 60's. When the band has splited, he recorded and composed numerous scores for dance shows and ballets all over the world. JAZZ TRACK lp is played by a trio, piano,bass and drums. Maybe you should start by listening to "Things are gonna change"(the chorus reminds me Cortex's"Mary & Jeff" atmosphere), the intense"Barrio Chino" and "Karaté walk", which are, to me, the best tracks... And then if you're seduced,you will like the rest! I've upload 6 cuts from the lp...
D'ya like it?! - Download


directed by Janet Pidoux
This one is "obscureless", but is worth'while to figures here on this choice...
It's a duet here: organ and drums! And let me take the wraps off
the drums....They are thick! The mixing of this record is awesome...
Listen to 3 cuts of this...Are you jazz dancin'?

3 commentaires:

  1. Merci pour toute cette bonne musique. Votre blog est mortel. J'habite Caen et je suis fier de voir un tel blog pour représenter le coin

  2. Merci! A samedi prochain sur les ondes du 99.1fm...

  3. It's absolutely a awesome dance jazz album!!

    On entre bien dans l'univers French pop Jazz aux ambiance supermarché début 70s jazz aux claviers et hammond lumineux! tout simplement sublime!
    On sent le feelin' groove aux battement des batteries, ce disque commme plein d'album francais est devenu un précurseur...
    Une perle comme je les aime!