Prog Rock to a Disco Beat...

This week i was searching for prog rock bands that blended disco beats into their compositions... Of course it was such a common practice in the late 70's when lots of groups were trying to capture a younger audience... So, this selection is turning around that style: "discoprog", disco-rock or cosmic-prog that could sometimes be labeled as DISCO.

INTRO (John Carpenter "dark star" footages)
TODD RUNDGREN - prana intro
J.O.B. ORCHESTRA - open the doors of your heart
MEDITERRANEO - arcos iris
RETURN TO FOREVER - earth juice
MARTIN CIRCUS - toi l'univers
CORTEX - mary & jeff
INTERLUDE (Denis Wiley)
LOCOMOTIV GT - engedj el
SABU - we're gonna rock
I DRAGONI - il suo dolce sarriso
V.C. PEOPLE - dance macabre
MAGICAL RING - touch as much
LENNY WHITE - venusian summer
ASH RA TEMPLE - bring me up
SUPERMAX - african blood
THE DOOBIE BROTHERS - wheels of fortune
RICK WAKEMAN - big ben
JOHAN GROUP - desert weather
ALAN PARSON - voyager

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