The April Mix Up!!

Some US jazz-funk classics for the warm up, a touch of euro jazz-funk, few french obscure funky 45's... And some dope Eastern Europe grooves for the rest of the show! Don't miss the monstrous Arsenal and Melodyia Ensemble!!

THE BLACKBYRDS - mysterious vibes
MILT JACKSON - i'm not so sure
RONNIE LAWS - pressure sensitive
INTRINSIC TRANCE - hey policeman
3'14 - folle de musique
OSMOSE - de vous à moi
SEPIA - stress

Eastern Europe part:
RAIMOND PAULS - stayin' alive
CZIK GUSZTAV - reverie
ORCH EXPERIMENT - dangerous curves
ARSENAL - at eventide
MELODYIA ENSEMBLE - burning river
ANDREI PETROV - modchi tanets
ARIEL edit
BLAGOVEST - midnight signal

Download (updated)

4 commentaires:

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  2. Very cool mix of some of my favourite styles of music!