The Daily Grind!

Oops! We missed our last saturday show, we appologize, and get a grip by spreading 1 hour of good music live from home. The next show is planned in 2 weeks from the new restored 666 studios!!! We'd like also to thank all of those who posted comments, you're always welcome!

3 commentaires:

  1. Milan Svoboda - salade de cuivres
    Rhesus o - preambule
    Rhesus o - outre tombe
    Soft Machine - stanley stamps for gibbon
    Open Sky Unit - open sky
    Moravagine - funky seven
    Rhesus o - eveil
    Milan Svoboda - series action
    Mat Camison - leitmotiv action
    Milan Svoboda - reminiscence
    Jannick Top & Roland Romanelli - helium 11
    Mona Lisa - le fantome de galashields
    Martin Circus - façon de parler
    Champignons - le chateau hanté