Special 90's Trip Hop / Jungle!!!

We're leaving the 70's and 80's for tonight, we have decided to dive in the mid 90's, in the golden age of Trip Hop and Jungle sounds! Sometimes it's good to change our mind, and these records were sleeping in our crates since a too long time... Although, 90minutes is a bit short to rediscover this era, so i think we'll have to repeat this kind of operation in the future! The first 45minutes of this show is Trip Hop, Abstract, Acid Jazz... and for the second part we wanted to play a mix by JMJ from the highly respected MOVING SHADOW label, a serious mix of classic Jungle masterpieces... 1996! Hope you'll apreciate this cool down session!

MR SCRUFF - traveloque
TEK 9 - we're gettin' down
DJ CAM - success
AZYMUTH - larenjeiras (4hero remix)
AZYMUTH - larenjeiras (Flytronix remix)
DJ CAM - other aspect
TEK 9 - 74" above see level
THE JMJ JUNGLE MIX (49 minutes)
TEK 9 - slow down

3 commentaires:

  1. Bonne séléction, j'ai adoré... Mr Scruff ca faisait bien longtemps, mais avec une préférence pour SO LONG, le TEK9... une tuerie!!
    Bien joué les gars!

    Tenez voici une de mes production Abstract Hiphop, court mais dans une lignée de cet esprit... prenez plaisir à y éouter ;)


  2. somebody make this work please...:(

  3. Hopefully, the problem is about to get fix soon. Please come back here in few days or weeks, and you should be able to download and listen the show. Thanks.