Long Black Magic Night...

The Clovis spectrum floated over the 666 studio on that long black magic saturday... Spreading psychedelic vibes all the way... Let yourself be guided by the flute player !

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - it's no secret
ARZACHEL - clean innocent fun
FRAME - winter
ANCIENT GREASE - women & children first
BEGGAR'S OPERA - poet and peasany
THE TEA COMPANY - come and have some tea with me
THE END - don't take me
TWINK - rock and roll the joint
JERONIMO - blind man
NEIL NORMAN - phaser laser
DAEDALUS SPIRIT ORCHESTRA - parallel convergent
AMON DüLL II - luzifers ghilom
BO HANSON - leaving shire
MONA LISA - le chant des glaces
JACULA - long black magic night
BERNARD ZED - fremen
LUCIFER - the philosopher's stone
SEEDOG - espresso brazil