Psychedelic Moon

"Don't go around tonight / Well, it's bound to take your life / There's a bad moon on the rise."
Y'all know the song... We won't play some Creedance tonight but raw US & UK psychedelic from 1965 to 1969, selected by Clovis. And good to hear one more WHITE NOISE cut from "an electric storm" lp... defenitly one of my favorite psych record. Hope you'll enjoy!

Intro: Bedlam & the Crazy People
THE DEEP - psychedelic moon
COUNT FIVE - psychotic reaction
THE MUSIC MACHINE - see see rider
THE CASTALWAYS - liar, liar
THE MONKS - that's my girl
THE DIRTY SHAMES - blow your mind
THE CRYAN SHAMES - sugar & spice
THE MONKS - oh how to do how
REJECTS - all of my life
THE OMEGAS - i can't believe
THE SEEDS - pushing too hard
PRIMROSE CIRCUS - in my mind
JUST LUV - valley of hate
FRESH AIR - running wild
THE GREEN SCARAB - psychedelic wilderness
H.M SUBJECTS - don't bring me down
THE FINGERS - circus with a female clown
ORANGE MACHINE - you can all join in
THE EGGY - you're still mine
SONOSTAR - save wild basin
MONTANAS - a step in the right direction
THE YOUNG BLOOD - don't leave me in the dark
THE CHOCOLATE TUNNEL - ostrich people
WELFARE STATE & THE WHITE NOISE - silence is required
THE WHITE NOISE - the visitation

Happy New Year: Funky Session !

Yes! Easy funky session in the 666 studio, enjoying some 45s and 33s soul funk records! Nothing spectacular... Nothing really rare... But classics deserve to be played over and over again!

JAMES BROWN - the boss
FATBACK BAND - mr. bassman
UNTOUCHABLE MACHINE SHOP - machine shop part2
THE RIMSHOTS - do what u feel
SOUTHSIDE COALITION - the power play
A DIFFRENT BAG - let's put it together
HOT BUTTER - getting off
VIP CONNECTION - west coast drive
FOOKA MAINKY BAND - let's get it together
THE BAR KAYS - sang and dance
BARTEL - freak show
MARVIN HOLMES - ride your mule
LES SHATELS - soul sister brown sugar
IRP 3 - tema de sonihna
BIG JIM - jungle fever
TIMMY THOMAS - cold cold people
O'JAYS - back stabbers