Playing a crazy bollywood "billie jean" cover is our only salute to M.J...Massmedia overdose!!! Follows space music, a pinch of Yougoslavian and Brazilian fusion prog, italo library, and a bunch of Arabic and Turkish psychedelia.

BAPPI LAHIRI - jeena bih
BABLA ORCHESTRA - babla orch title music
GRAND PRIX - crusin'
BENOIT HUTIN - charter
HERMAN'S ROCKET - transport mission security
7 DEADLY SINS - lust
ABSOLUTE ELSWHERE - earthbound + future
ANGEL "POCHO" GATTI - zandvoort
SEPTEMBER - florida
CALDERA - sky islands
SPYRO GYRA - opus d'opus
LES ABRANIS - athedjaalade
BALIGH HAMDI - iskandarani
SELDA - ince ince
SELDA - yaz gazeteci yaz
LES MOGOL - sunset in golden horn
JOHN MAYER - intro & rondo
ARIS SAN - boumpam

Le short
Summer is here homies!
Dany is here to make sure that you will be
the hottest dancer for the holydays. Revise
your patropi steps!!!
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Super fuddy duddy saturday night's music on your radio dial!
We spin our cheesiest funky French 12" and 7" tonight.
Fill the rest with fusion and Cuban music... don't forget to leave comments!

Intro: François Bernard & Roby
MICKY MILAN - Quand tu danses (y à tout qui bouge qui balance!...)
2+1 - rendez-vous djerba
RECTO VERSO - funky but chic
CHAPELL BAND - getaway
HUGUES HAMILTON - j'me laisse aller
LE CLUB - un fait divers et rien de plus
REGRETS - j' veux pas rentrer chez moi toute seul
LA MARQUE JEUNE - vampire es-tu là?
PRECIEUX - maman j'aime ça
INFLUENCE - africa danse
INFLUENCE - une de perdue, dix de retrouvées
PI 3,14 - folle de musique
BOULE NOIRE - aimer d'amour
GEORGE DUKE - a brazilian love affair
WEST JAZZ SEXTET - contre-pied
LUIS XAVIER - delito
JUAN PABLO TORRES - rompe cocorico
OMARA PORTUONDO - si a ti yo te quiero

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DICK HYMAN - The Minotaur

"My objective is to humanize electronic music" said Dick Hyman! Focus on the Moog maestro, and particularly on the titled track "the minotaur" from The electric eclectics of Dick Hyman LP. Four elements are involved in this remarkably rhythmic and melodic improvisation. First is the rythm unit which is blended of two: a bossa nova and a waltz. To this is added a drone effect, like a tambourine, played with the synthesizer. Then the repetitive bass line is laid in (and will resound in your head for hours!). Finally, the synth melody line. The style is a mixture of Indian and Greek musical influences. The germ of the idea for the solo melody came from a Greek record in Dick's collection! We come back next week with our radio program...

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