Happy new year everyone!!!
Around the world again with music friends, 90 minutes of Jazz Rock, Fusion & Prog... Check the rare Izvir (a band from former Yougoslavia) which has been recently reissued, also some Placebo again with a track from their third album... But, enuff said... Just press play, and enjoy :)

CHASE - weird song
KOM AGIT POP - alcusoitto
MAJOIE HAJARY - prière + la mort de judas
ISOTOPE - illusion
TURNING POINT - silent promise
SOLUTION - whirligig
PANTA RHEI - tropuzi laz
PLACEBO - plotseling
PERIGEO - monti pallidi
OUT OF FOCUS - i'd like to be free
IZVIR - atomski vek
HATFIELD & THE NORTH - the stubbs effect
BORA ROKOVIC - string em
BILLY COBHAM - a sound portrait
BILLY COBHAM - sorcery
SUGAR CANE HARRIS - generation of vipers