Only Frenchy !

Early 70's French psychedelic only! A selection of essential psych/prog numbers from France. Ange, Catharsis, L'Ame Son, Dashiell Hedayat for the most famous, to the most obscure Belisama, L'Assemblée, Fille Qui Mousse... A lot are missing, so it definitaly deserves a second volume. By the way, Clovis was on the mic tonight!

HENRY SKOFF TORGUE - les aliferes (talk over)
L'ASSEMBLEE - le chien
BALTAZAR - c'est bon
ALICE - viens
L'AME SON - je veux juste dire
BELISAMA - belisama
HENRY SKOFF TORGUE - souliloque (talk over)
ANGE - tels quels
PATAPHONIE - structure poubelle
BREGENT - le chien (CANADA
DASHIELL HEDAYAT - fille de l'ombre
CATHERINE RIBEIRO - theme en bref
BERENICE - alors dieu chatia l'homme
FILLE QUI MOUSSE - cantate disparate
GILLES ELBAZ - l'espoir
ANGE - caricatures
CATHARSIS - 32 mars
GUY DE FATTO - penchée sur l'attente
AURORA - le bonheur