Watching The Gulls Go by...

Welcome to this new edition! Let's start with some bagpipin' jazz-prog, the Gwendal 4th album inspired me a celtic touch. Check that Gunnar Graps Magnetic band lp that i've found in Ponland, it is a real delight to my ears, it's sung in Latvian language, you will enjoy it too! We also have some experimental stuffs, rare soundtrack, and we keep the best for the end, KOM quartet & Agit Prop vocal quartet from Finland, one of the best discovery I made this year, I'll play more of it in the future... Stay tuned!

FRANCK ZAPPA - peaches en regalia
GWENDAL - les mouettes s'battent
KOUERIEN - suite des montagnes
RUFUS HARLEY - eight miles high
GUNNAR GRAPS & MAGNETIC BAND - odüsseuse eksirannakud
AUNT MARY - wishpering farewell
SAINT PREUX - voyage
ORION - folie
CLAUDE PERAUDIN - mutation 24
F. DE ROUBAIX - astralement votre
ALPHA BETA - astral abuse
LOURIVAL SYLVESTRE - derrière la mer et fantaisie
ALAIN GORAGUER - deshomanisation
DYNASTIE CRISIS - 4h de l'après-midi
PLACEBO - balek
PANTINCRUEL - le savon, le savoir, le lavoir
NADA - here comes funkenstein